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Headhunting and fractional C-Suite services for founders in Southeast Asia. Introducing Foundational: your go-to solution for urgent challenges beyond your team's capacity.

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For Venture Backed Leaders

Solve urgent challenges beyond your team's capacity with fractional CXOs and full team hiring support.

Transformational Opportunities

For CXOs

Join our regional and global talent network and grow your fractional CTO, CMO, CFO or CHRO practice.

Foundational challenges, Foundational Solutions

"People Are The Foundation"

Finance, Technology, Product, Sales, Marketing, Legal & HR.
Build your team from the top down, or the bottom up.

Our Founders

Ollie WoodI help people make better career decisions in startups and VCs. I take a long-term approach to helping people rather than trying to squeeze people into roles when they aren't ready to move.Reach out to me to have an exploratory chat, discuss your background and look at what opportunities there are for you.

Chris LaxtonI help founders build out their financial operations and strategy in order to give them time to focus on growing their business.Reach out to me to build out your financial planning, forecasting, and team.

Raise Your Round!

Resolve your organizational shortcomings, sort out your KPIs and OKRs, nail your projections, hit your numbers, and get your round raised.

Fractional CXOs

Fractional CTOs, CMOs and CFOs change the game for Venture Backed Startups with proven expertise, tailored strategy, and cost-effective leadership.

Full Service Placements

From CXOs to full teams. Achieve your hiring goals and fill out your org chart with the best talent in Asia, this quarter, not next year.

360 Hiring Support

From Hiring Strategy to Onboarding: We'll understand your needs, build a processes, find the candidates, and ensure a perfect fit.

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